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Hello list,

A general heads-up: we have some good feedback regarding issues in
this release, so a patch release 3.2.1 should be coming shortly once
we get confirmation that the bugfixes are effective.

Thank you for understanding,

-- Hisham

On Wed, 28 Aug 2019 at 16:56, Hisham <> wrote:
> Hello list,
> Announcing version 3.2.0 of LuaRocks, the Lua package manager.
> You can find all links at
> — source packages for all supported platforms and binaries for
> Windows and Linux x86-64 are available.
> LuaRocks 3.2.0 now uses argument parsing based on argparse
> instead of a homegrown parser. This was implemented by Paul
> Ouellette as his Google Summer of Code project, mentored by
> Daurnimator.
> Release highlights:
> * Bugfix: luarocks path does not change the order of pre-existing path
> items when prepending or appending to path variables
> * Bugfix: fix directory detection on the Mac
> * When building with --force-config, LuaRocks now never uses the
> "project" directory, but only the forced configuration
> * Lua libdir is now only checked for commands/platforms that really
> need to link Lua explicitly
> * LuaJIT is now detected dynamically
> * RaptorJIT is now detected as a LuaJIT variant
> * Improvements in Lua autodetection at runtime
> * luarocks new_version: new option --dir
> * luarocks which: report modules found via package.path and
> package.cpath as well
> * install.bat: Improved detection for Visual Studio 2017 and higher
> * Bundled LuaSec in all-in-one binary bumped to version 0.8.1
> And here's a list of all contributors who added commits to this
> release: Paul Ouellette, Simone Livieri, Ivan Naiderov, Rui Xia,
> François Perrad,   George Roman, FYP, Oliver Vartiainen, Tomás
> Guisasola, Hisham Muhammad.
> Cheers!
> -- Hisham