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Hello JeanHeyd,

> Does 64-bit "clean" mean that, if this makes it to Mac OSX,
> this would no longer be a problem?

Not much an expert in programming for Mac OSX. But since LuaVela uses
"fair" 64-bit pointers and can allocate from any region in the address
space of the process, I guess the answer is yes. (Jumps within
dynamically generated machine code must still fit into 32 bits,

By the way, confirming that currently the build for Mac OSX is broken,
but I'd like to re-enable it (with some very non-portable features
turned off) as I use MacBook myself. Last time I managed to compile
the code, but linkage failed. Anyway, I hope that enabling Mac OSX is

tor. 8. aug. 2019 kl. 23:43 skrev Anton Soldatov <>:
> Hi Javier,
> > the first thing I'd like to check is how much
> > work and overhead is there from
> > the bigger TValue struct
> The benchmarks from the LuaJIT's suite show that the wide TValue and
> "fair" 64-bit pointers are somewhat slower than LuaJIT (although there
> are cases when LuaVela is faster). However, as far as I know, we did
> not experience any severe degradation in production (sometimes we even
> won over FFI-based code, but this is whole another story), and
> IPONWEB's business (real-time bidding) is all about fitting business
> logic into hard timeouts (80-120ms).
> Anyway, please do share your results!
> tor. 8. aug. 2019 kl. 23:27 skrev JeanHeyd Meneide <>:
> >
> > Dear Anton Soldatov,
> >
> >      This looks wonderful! I'm glad you worked on it and put it out there. I know a lot of people who had problems with the 2GB memory limit.
> >
> >      As a side note, there were some problems with LuaJIT and Mac OSX, where on 64-bit builds LuaJIT would twiddle bits in the 32-bit range. This required people to build their applications with -pagezero_size=(something much smaller than the default 2^32) and -image_base=(something much smaller than 2^32, which is the default). This ruined people who wanted to inject Lua extensions as part of a dylib extension to a main application which did not change their image_base/pagezero_size.
> >
> >      Does 64-bit "clean" mean that, if this makes it to Mac OSX, this would no longer be a problem?
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > ThePhD
> --
> Med vennlig hilsen,
> Anton Soldatov

Med vennlig hilsen,
Anton Soldatov