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It was thus said that the Great Roberto Ierusalimschy once stated:
> > Just to clarify - I think it is better to introduce a generic
> > annotation capability with a defined syntactic form and
> > interpretation, rather than just introducing something specific such
> > as '*toclose'. The feature can only be called a generic annotation
> > capability if Lua parser was able to skip over unrecognized
> > annotations, and if the syntax was expressive enough to be of real
> > practical use. This means that some definition of what/where is
> > allowed is required.
> Just to clarify: we have no intention of introducing a generic
> annotation capability to Lua now. We only wanted the syntax to
> be such that it could be extended in the future. All we want
> is to-be-closed variables.

  Fair enough.

  Some questions:  Why the '*' and not something unused, like '@'?

	  local @toclose f =

  Also, might the name 'gcscope' be a better name?

	  local @gcscope f =

  Or maybe scopegc?

	  local @scopegc f =

  -spc (I mean, this is the time to bikeshed, right?)