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> The Lua ecosystem will never be worth that name as long as there is no
> way to address the module naming issue.

There is one: Naming modules correctly

Lua doesn't make any assumptions about what a module is (It can even be an environment variable, see recent email). Module authors are responsible for naming their modules in a smart way. Same goes for rock authors. Calling your module "generic", but then calling the rock "lua-very-specific" is just asking for problems with clashing module names. 

If you want to make sure to load modules only from a very specific location, you can just write your own `require_custom` function that loads lua modules with `dofile` and caches them. Also be sure to sandbox the new module to also use the require function you provided for any submodules it may load.

For Lua in general though, why would it build in additional checks to fix someone elses problems (i.e. poorly named modules)? That would just mean increasing complexity with little to no benefit.