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On 11-Apr-19 19:21, Fotis Panagiotopoulos wrote:
I am pretty confident that the issue is caused by the GC. I measure the stack exactly before and after lua_pcall(), and indeed this is where the stack is used. I also placed some prints and I see that stack usage increases only when GC is running.

Note that stack is used progressively. On every GC call, more and more is requested till the exhaustion. On the first
calls the usage is pretty minimal.

Sparse (and probably not useful) thoughts:

- What allocator are you using? Does it fully support realloc?

- You could try tracing allocations by inserting a tracer between Lua allocation calls and the actual allocator, also doing a stack check (and possibly other checks) before and after each call, to get a few more clues about what is happening.