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It was thus said that the Great Marc Balmer once stated:
> Hi all
> I have a question of style.  It's about using constants in modules.
> Let's say we have a fictious C library libfoo that defines a preprocessor
> symbol INFO with a value of e.g. 42.
> Then I write a Lua module foo which exposes libfoo's functionality to Lua. 
> Should INFO be an integer constant in foo or rather a string that is
> looked up using luaL_checkoption()?
> i.e.
> foo.somefunc(foo.INFO, 'test data')
> or
> foo.somefunc('info', 'test data')
> It's probably only a question of style or taste, but what is your
> opininion (or remarks) on this?

  I use option 2 quite a bit (such constants marked in 'single quotes'):
	sock ='ip','tcp')
	addr ="",'any','tcp','http')"myprogram",'daemon')
	now = org.conman.clock.get('realtime')