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I think I've seen the second option more than the first outside of autogenerated wrappers, I think because instead of a table lookup you just have a constant string. LuaJIT might optimize it out but for Lua in general I believe strings are faster, although not as friendly to autocompletion and/or linting engines.

Ryan Heywood

From: <> on behalf of Marc Balmer <>
Sent: Sunday, April 7, 2019 2:00:49 AM
Subject: A question of style for C module writers
Hi all

I have a question of style.  It's about using constants in modules.

Let's say we have a fictious C library libfoo that defines a preprocessor symbol INFO with a value of e.g. 42.

Then I write a Lua module foo which exposes libfoo's functionality to Lua.  Should INFO be an integer constant in foo or rather a string that is looked up using luaL_checkoption()?


foo.somefunc(foo.INFO, 'test data')


foo.somefunc('info', 'test data')

It's probably only a question of style or taste, but what is your opininion (or remarks) on this?

- mb