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LuA = Lundi Avril (in French). Thanks to Fisher for the new mark proposal.
However we expected Unicode 13 to allocate plane 0x13...
Anyway before that we expected to use U+2653 (♓) since long in Unicode 1.1 (1993) long before that announcement, or even U+1F41F since the now old Unicode 6.0 (2010), even if both were also added only in 2015 to the first emoji set. We then don't need the new range for the Lua logo. Anyway such proposal has no chance of being adopted, otherwise we would alsready have since long the logos for Apple, Windows, TuX (for Linux), Gnu (FSF, GPL), and the circled CC for Creative Commons

Le lun. 1 avr. 2019 à 20:06, Dirk Laurie <> a écrit :
On this auspicious day 2019-04-01, the Unicode Consortium has announced that Unicode 13.0 will be extended to accept codepoints in the range 0x110000-0x11ffff. In consideration of the pioneering work on Lua 5.4.0, which even before promulgation of the new standard already accepts codepoints in that range, codepoint 0x110000 has been allocated to the Lua logo.