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It was thus said that the Great Farzad Sadeghi once stated:
> Hi,
> I needed to turn a bunch of C structures into Lua tables for a tool
> I'm working on so I started looking for tutorials on how to do that
> but the tutorials were either old or were too simple and didn't cover
> my use case. So I looked around(including the lua mailist itself) and
> finally made a tutorial for that.
> Here's the link for the github gist:
> Source Code:
> I'm a Lua noob, so any comments are appreciated on how to make the
> tutorial better.

  Oh, I almost forgot---your luatablegen program.  Any reason it's written
in Python and not in Lua?  It seems an odd choice for a Lua tutorial.

  -spc (And what version of Python?  2.7?  3.0?  It makes a difference)