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On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 6:35 PM Stojan Dimitrovski <> wrote:
I was wondering, if I clean it up a bit, how do I submit it as an
actual patch to Lua itself? I also see some other places the IO
situation with Lua can be improved, so I'd also like to improve on
that as well.


Lua does not accept patches. Although Lua is open source, it is not open developed. The Lua team (Roberto, Luiz, and one other person who never posts here) make all decisions and write all code for Lua themselves. They do take community feedback into consideration via this mailing list, but if they like an idea, they will write their own code to implement it rather than accepting someone else's patch.

Also, the 5.4 development cycle is underway, and massive changes have been made since 5.3.5. You can take a look at that work at, which is an unofficial mirror of the Lua repository as seen by the Lua team. It is always slightly out-of-date as commits are not mirrored in real-time. Pull requests are not accepted for the reasons discussed in the previous paragraph.