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Hi, I have seen your project, and it's awesome, congrats, but, the UI it's too strange to use, so if you can remake the UI this IDE can be a lot better, I think

Em dom, 20 de jan de 2019 às 16:12, Alexander Mokrushyn <> escreveu:
LuaStudio 1.7.0 version release:

- recompiled with latest libraries
- android API 26 target (Google Play Store requirement)
  old link to API 14 apk still works.
- few new samples:
   1. /3D/Away3D/Intermediate_MouseInteraction/Main.lua
   2. /Str.lua
   3. /LuaC.lua

       1. In new 3D sample you can check how to load 3D OBJ file format (, draw on textures, mouse/touchscreen interactions with 3D objects, ...

       2. New Str Lib extension. Collection of functions for strings:

       3. LUAC compiler included:

- exporter version 2.0

and many more small improvements and issue fixes