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> I believe this issue happens in 'normal' tables as well.
> I've managed to reproduce this issue in both Lua 5.3 and Lua 5.4-work2
> and could isolate this to a simple C code. The memory allocation
> pattern in both version is pretty different, probably thanks to the
> new GC in 5.4.
> This code [1] will grow the memory steadily and will exhaust the
> computer memory given enough iterations.
> In my 8GB machine, this happened in 11 seconds when compiled with 5.3.
> [2][3] both show the memory allocation pattern using massif from valgrind.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

Playing a little bit more with the issue above I've stumbled upon an
interesting result. It seems that references to strings does not
reproduce the issue. The code is show in [1]. Valgrind's massif
reports the expected result, a constant usage of the memory [2].