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On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 12:55 PM Viacheslav Usov wrote:

> My solution is "subset-of-UTF-8 corresponding to the native language of user".

I already demonstrated that this was not true, and so did your own remark about code page 936 . You are not rational about this, and you avoided a civil discussion of the points in my previous message, so I am not willing to take this discussion any further.

I've already agreed in my previous post that my solution is not suitable
for multilinguals.
So, "civil discussion" should end here, as both sides came to the same conclusion.
I don't understand what you are arguing about now?
Are you waiting for a personal apology?  :-)
Here you are:
Sorry, Viacheslav, you're an exception
(a user that might have some specific tasks my module is unable to solve).
Yes, I was targeting at "usual" users having knowledge of 1.1 languages:
his native language + 10% of English :-)
I believe this is the most numerous group of users.
If Windows is installed with default settings,
the ANSI encoding corresponds to the language of Windows,
and very few people would change this setting afterwards.
Experienced users, of course, could change this settings,
but I believe they would clearly understand what may happen
in a non-Unicode Windows app (such as Lua)
when ANSI codepage is set to a "wrong" language.

I hope the discussion is now closed without any offense.
BTW, the life of multilingual people is not easy anyway  :-)
What keyboards you are using?
How did you survive in the pre-Unicode epoch without Unicode fonts available?
I can't imagine how you had those 4 files (from your example) on one disk :-)