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On Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 6:50 PM Viacheslav Usov wrote:
From the perfectionism point of view, you're correct :-)
But in practice, most use cases are covered by my module.

Your claim is: "Working with UTF-8 filenames on Windows in pure Lua"
Your solution is: "Working with a subset-of-UTF-8 filenames on Windows in pure Lua, wherein the subset is selected by arcane system configuration".

My solution is "subset-of-UTF-8 corresponding to the native language of user".
Yes, unfortunately, this approach might be not suitable for a trilingual like you :-)


Here is what looks more like perfectionism: your solution seems to ignore malformed UTF-8 inputs, and that's not good.

What would you prefer?  And why?
Raising an error? 
Returning "nil, err_message"?

BTW, in Lua on Linux you could create a file with malformed UTF-8 filename (just tested it): no error is raised, operation is successful.
Why Lua on Windows should check correctness of UTF-8 filenames?


Азбука Морзе. Прием на слух и передача на ключе. 1927г..djvu (fun)
Рисунки для выжигания ТРОЕ ИЗ ПРОСТОКВАШИНО.doc (fun)
Brevet de technicien supérieur (BTS).pdf (boring)
Übersendung_Vergütungsvereinbarung.pdf (boring)

It's funny, that Windows codepage 936 (Chinese Simplified) is able to render all these 4 filenames except the letter "Ü".

(If a filename is not supposed to be human-understandable, it would be better consisted of digits/hexadecimals/GUIDs/etc. instead of human language words)

What about servers that keep files for multiple users who collectively speak a bunch of languages?

Server with a lot of clients over the whole World?  On Windows?  Ha-ha-ha.
Even Microsoft refuses to use this OS on its own servers.
(The most popular operating system on Microsoft's Azure cloud today is -- drumroll please -- Linux.)

As I said originally, there is no way to address this with a pure Lua library, but perhaps we could hope the Lua team might recognise the importance of making the built-in libraries Unicode-friendly on Windows, even if that means using non-standard IO routines.

You are asking for too much.
This Windows-specific part would take a lot of LOC in Lua source.