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> Roberto, what stack size does Lua 5.3+ VM expect?
> This information is essential for correct building Lua on Windows.

This is highly experimental, but we usually think the other way around:
what is the maximum value for LUAI_MAXCCALLS in a particular environment.
The only way to really know is by testing. Any porting of Lua to a new
environment can define this constant to an appropriate value that avoids
stack overflows.

I may be wrong, but I think none of those experiments reported here
with an official release of Lua created a C stack overflow. Anyway,
we probably could write a small test script that explores different
kinds of C stack overflows (coroutine recursion, gsub recursion, etc.)
as a way to validate LUAI_MAXCCALLS for a particular environment.

Of course, we can crash almost any C program given a sufficiently small

-- Roberto