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On Thu, Dec 20, 2018 at 10:34 PM Lorenzo Donati wrote:
2. My "internal parser" interprets the single quote as something
"string/char" related, so it interferes with my "mental code
processing", slowing me down.

Point 2 is the worse pain point for me.

Yes, me too.
That's why I suggested backtick instead of single quote.

A crazy idea: let more than one symbol to be "thousands separators", why not?
For example: space, underscore, backtick, and probably some other.
But not simultaneous in the same number.
local x = 1`000'000_000 000  -- this is syntax error
local y = 1'000 + 1`000 + 1_000 + 1 000 -- this is OK
Such decision should make Lua suitable for all and stop all the debates. 
Or it wouldn't stop? :-)