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I am using this version of github to test, and the results as follows


msvc15.9/release/64bit LUAI_MAXCCALLS <= 1492

msvc15.9/release/32bit LUAI_MAXCCALLS <= 1698




发件人: Roberto Ierusalimschy
发送时间: 20181219 1:21
收件人: Lua mailing list
主题: Re: 答复: [ 5.4 work2 ] Stack overflow causescrash


> I am talking about lua5.4 work2. In fact it can't be reproduced on gcc or lua5.3.


Lua avoids stack overflows by counting the number of recursive calls

it makes. The constant LUAI_MAXCCALLS sets this limit, but it is hard

to find the "perfect" value for each system. Can you play with

this constant (either with -DLUAI_MAXCCALLS=<somevalue> or changing

its value in 'llimits.h' or anything equivalent) and tells us

which is the maximum value where the crash becomes a regular Lua



Many thanks,


-- Roberto