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Dirk Laurie <> 于2018年12月3日周一 下午1:34写道:
1. Can stock Lua do most of what TCL/TK does? (answer: no)
2. Could one write a support package that will enable Lua to  do most
of what TCL/TK does? (answer: yes)
3. Is there a rock for such a package? (answer: yes. it's called ltcltk)
4. Does that rock build effortlessly in the most commonly used current
systems? (answer: no)
5. Does it at least build effortlessly for Lua 5.3 in Debian/Ubuntu?
(answer: no)
6. Has anybody on the list got it working for Lua 5.x on whatever system?
7. Is it worth the effort to get it working or might I just as well
just have done the whole thing in TCL without dragging in Lua?

I have been make a Lua/Tcl bidirection binding here[1].

But it lacks documents and test cases :-(

Just make it for fun


Xavier Wang.