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Lua community,

I share with you with great sadness that it has come to my knowledge
that Peter Melnichenko has passed away.

Peter was a prolific member of the Lua community, best known as the
author of luacheck, the amazing Lua static analyzer, an invaluable
tool that I cannot praise enough and has essentially changed the way I
write Lua code. What many may not know is that he was also the #2 top
committer to the LuaRocks codebase, and had an instrumental role in
the maintenance of LuaRocks over the last few years. He was also
someone to whom I trusted handing over the LuaCov project. Having
worked with him on these projects over the years, I had nothing but
good experiences. Peter was not only extremely talented, but also
always kind, respectful and friendly.

I had just recently learned how young he was: he had just concluded
his bachelor's degree this year, which makes his achievements all the
more impressive — I had always somehow assumed he was a seasoned

FOSS communities bring people together in many different ways. Some of
us have the opportunity to meet at events, others interact only
online. I've never had the chance to meet Peter in person, but the
news of his passing struck me really hard nonetheless. He was a
well-liked and respected member of this community, and I'm sure other
members of this list would appreciate being informed, hence this

The positive impact of his work will remain, and I'm sure we as a
community will, in time, carry on his legacy. For now, I would just
like to share my grief with you all, and extend my thoughts to his
family and friends.

Спасибо, Пётр,

-- Hisham