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It was thus said that the Great joy mondal once stated:
> Would it make sense to move from mailing list to something like github /
> gitlab ?

  For me, no.  I prefer mailing lists.

> Its really hard to search old answers on the mailing list compared to
> github issues.
> The way mailing lists works ... I just cannot find the right tool to make
> use of it efficiently.

  Google.  Duck Duck Go.  Bing.  I know for Google and Duck, you can search
for (example):


and get results from the mailing list archive.

  Also, I have a copy of every email on this list since Oct 2009 and often
will search my own archive and then post links to the archive on

> Are you guys using the terminal or through your own mail servers ?

  I can only speak for myself, but I use mutt, a text-based mail user agent
on my own mail server (I use SSH to log into the command line on the server
and run mutt directly on the mail server).

  -spc (Wouldn't mind USENET, but comp.lang.lua doesn't exist ... )