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It was thus said that the Great Ivan Krylov once stated:
> Speaking of outside dependencies, I absolutely need TLS sockets and
> hashing and may try to use DTLS, sound I/O and codecs in the future.

  I just finished up a TLS wrapper for Lua [1] and I have used it with Lua
coroutines [2] to handle event-driven servers [3].

> Is it a good idea to write the core/library part of a networked
> application in Lua, then wrap it in C++ launcher/interface (built using
> Qt or JUCE for most cross-platform compatibility)?

  I guess.  I tend to write the main application in Lua and use C for
wrapping up libraries or for speed (in my case, mostly wrapping up
libraries).  I also create an executable that embeds Lua plus all the
modules required for the program to run included.  I have no opinion on the
GUI part as I don't write those types of programs.


	but not yet available via LuaRocks.  Soon though ... 

[2]	Again, I need to publish this code ... sigh.

[3]	I do a similar thing at work---use Lua with extensive coroutine
	support to handle SIP processing.