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Hello list,

I'm happy to announce LuaRocks 3.0.1, a bugfix release in the 3.0 series.

LuaRocks is the package manager for Lua modules. More info and
download links at

What's new in 3.0.1:

* Numerous bugfixes including:
   * Handle missing global `arg`
   * Fix umask behavior
   * Do not overwrite paths in format 5.x.y when cleaning up path
variables (#868)
   * Do not detect files under lua_modules as part of your sources
when running `luarocks write_rockspec`
   * Windows: do not hardcode MINGW in the all-in-one binary: instead
it properly detects when running from a Visual Studio Developer
Console and uses that compiler instead
   * configure: --sysconfdir was fixed to its correct meaning: it now
defaults to /etc and not /etc/luarocks (`/luarocks` is appended to the
value of sysconfdir)
   * configure: fixed --force-config
* Store Lua location in config file, so that a user can run `luarocks
init --lua-dir=/my/lua/location` and have that location remain active
for that project
* Various improvements to the Unix makefile, including $(DESTDIR)
support and an uninstall rule
* Autodetect FreeBSD-style include paths (/usr/include/lua5x/)

This release includes new code by George Roman, Ryan Hartlage,
Daurnimator and myself.

Thank you all for the excellent feedback for LuaRocks 3.0!


-- Hisham