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I've updated most of my libraries and tools for Lua:

I recommend anyone who uses a previous version of these packages to
move to the new ones. The code has been revised and improved.

The code now works for Lua 5.1 and later and so there is only one
package for each library and tool, not one for each Lua version.

The packages are self-contained and include third-party libraries when needed.

The packages have a version number in preparation for LuaRocks.

The packages build out of the box in Linux and macOS, if Lua is installed
in /usr/local. Otherwise, tell make:
        make LUA_TOPDIR=/var/tmp/lhf/lua-5.3.5/install

To install a library where Lua can find it, use a variant of these:
        make install
        sudo make install
        sudo make install LIBDIR=/usr/local/lib/lua/5.3

Checksum and other data available at

These packages are in the public domain and also under the MIT license.
Third-party libraries have their own licenses.

Enjoy. All feedback welcome.

Here are the updated packages:

lalarm: An alarm library

lbc: A simple arbitrary precision library

lcomplex: A math library for complex numbers

ldigest: A message digest library

lgpc: A library for Boolean operations on polygons

limath: An arbitrary precision integer library

lint64: A library for using 64-bit integers in Lua

linterval: An interval arithmetic library

lmapm: An arbitrary precision library

lqd: A high-precision mathematical library

lqmath: A rational number library

lrandom: A random-number library

srlua: A tool for building self-running Lua programs