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It appears luarocks 3.0.0 fails to install xml package.


Steps to reproduce:

luarocks install xml

Error: Could not find library file for STDC++

It works with luarocks 2.4.4.


Andriy Kornatskyy

From: <> on behalf of Hisham <>
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2018 1:16 AM
To: Lua mailing list
Subject: [ANN] LuaRocks 3.0.0

Hello list,

I am happy to announce LuaRocks 3.0.0, the new major release of
LuaRocks, the Lua package manager>

It includes a lot of new stuff, as previewed in the beta and rc pre-releases:

- New rockspec format
- New commands, including `luarocks init` for per-project workflows [1]
- New flags, including `--lua-dir` and `--lua-version` for using
multiple Lua installs with a single LuaRocks
- New build system, gearing towards a new distribution model [2]
- General improvements, including namespaces [3]
- User-visible changes, including some breaking changes
- Internal changes

All of the above are detailed here:


The LuaRocks wiki still needs to be updated to cover most of the new
features (it would be odd to have the documentation up when the
features weren't released yet). Any help updating the wiki is
especially welcome!

Files for Unix and Windows are here:

This release contains both the Unix tarball and two versions of the
Windows zip: the "legacy" installer which works the same as the zip
files released with all LuaRocks versions so far, and a new zip file
with the all-in-one luarocks.exe binary that runs with no additional
dependencies. The luarocks.exe program assumes you're using a
Microsoft compiler toolchain when running from the Visual Studio
developer console, or a mingw toolchain otherwise (everything can be
hand-tuned via config files as usual).

This release contains new code by Thijs Schreijer, George Roman, Peter
Melnichenko, Kim Alvefur, Alec Larson, Evgeny Shulgin, Michal Cichra,
Daniel Hahler, and myself. The server is maintained by
Leaf Corcoran.

Once again, very special thanks to my employer Kong, for sponsoring my
work on LuaRocks over the last year and making this release possible.
Special thanks also to François Perrad and Matthew Wild for their
feedback during the beta and rc phase.

LuaRocks is what it is today because of its community, that
continuously releases new rocks in and makes the
Lua ecosystem all the more useful — keep on rockin'!

Come chat with us at
and please report any issues at

3.0.0 cheers for the new release!

Hisham Muhammad
-- LuaRocks lead developer