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Hello Hisham,

On Fri, 20 Jul 2018 19:16:15 -0300, Hisham <> wrote:
> I am happy to announce LuaRocks 3.0.0, the new major release of
> LuaRocks, the Lua package manager.

Congratulations on the release, it is indeed a very juicy one! I have pushed
a small change [1] to the RockZ virtual environment manager so it can be used
with this new release of LuaRocks. I still want to iron out one issue [2]
before making it use LuaRocks 3.0.0 by default :-)

> It includes a lot of new stuff, as previewed in the beta and rc pre-releases:
> - New rockspec format
> - New commands, including `luarocks init` for per-project workflows [1]
> - New flags, including `--lua-dir` and `--lua-version` for using
> multiple Lua installs with a single LuaRocks

At some point I'll be looking into this, because if I understand correctly
how this works it would make possible for RockZ to bootstrap a single LuaRocks
installation to be shared among all the virtual environments—maybe even reuse
a system-wide installation of LuaRocks! If that's the case, creating new
environments would be substantially faster.

> - New build system, gearing towards a new distribution model [2]
> - General improvements, including namespaces [3]

This looks perfect to try personal forks with patches of projects *and* share
the patched modules with others before sending the patches upstream. Neat!

> - User-visible changes, including some breaking changes
> - Internal changes
> [...]

Last but not least, thanks a lot for maintaining LuaRocks, which IMHO is
probably the best piece of tooling available Lua developers \o/




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