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Stupid bug:

"doh!!!" (*palm-face*)    

Not-so-stupid bug:

"aha!!!" (*mumbling:
"I found you! You little dirty <add your favourite expletive here>"*)

 Any program has at least one unavoidable big bug: its end user

 -- Lorenzo

Stupid bug: you really have to fix, like famous Pentium FDIV bug

Not-so-stupid bug: can hide behind "patched" documentation.
As long as software behavior matched the docs, it is *not* a bug

Microsoft Excel "bug":
power is left to right ?   2^3^4 == (2^3)^4
unary minus is "sticky":  -2^3 == (-2)^3
Even "stick" to cells:     -A1^2 == A1^2

Microsoft response ? This behaviour is by design of Microsoft Excel ...

Bill Gates take on Microsoft bugs:

FOCUS: But there are bugs in any version which people would really like to have fixed. 

Gates:: No! There are no significant bugs in our released software that any significant number of users want fixed. 

FOCUS: Oh, my God. I always get mad at my computer if MS Word swallows the page numbers of a document which I printed a couple of times with page numbers. If I complain to anybody they say "Well, upgrade from version 5.11 to 6.0". 

Gates:: No! If you really think there's a bug you should report a bug. Maybe you're not using it properly. Have you ever considered that?