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hi there! :)

2018-07-04 20:57 GMT+00:00 Dirk Laurie <>:
> It may, of course, not be a global optimum. But the next version can't be
> another minor release. It will have to be Lua 6.0, as far from the Lua 5.x
> series as Lua 5.0 was from Lua 4.0.

[feature request]
i could imagine as 5.x that paths in error messages wouldn't be
trimmed when they are too long, so they can be parsed for whatever
purpose. just like 'str':fun() and {}:fun() would be nice to see. i
can only remember that the reasoning against this was 'cuz the refman
says so' :D (probably that was you, Dirk, you are the local refman
guru (that i like to see! :) ))

otherwise in general i can totally agree, when i came here a bit
before 5.2, lua was already great for whatever a mind can imagine, and
a nice toy to play with :D

bests for all! :)