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> On 5 Jul 2018, at 02:27, Andrew Starks <> wrote:
> I think it’s a great sign that we see the same few tired issues get trotted out ad nauseam. It means that there are very few real problems left to solve at the language level and people are left battling their own preconceived notion of what perfection looks like, convinced that if only their proposal for globals or lists or case statements or... would be adopted, some nebulous goal would be achieved Lua would finally be... what?
> We are all the hero of whatever narrative we’re creating and it’s easy to be convinced of our own brilliance. And fortunes have been built on Lua as it is. So come with data and a real problem to solve or know that your just venting a bunch of noise. 
> Voices are fine, if they start with a good story about a problem that’s hard to solve the way Lua is. I think it’s ignorant to start off with statements like, “global by default is bad...” Better to come with your hat in your hand and ask, “Why?” first. 
> -Andrew

I completely agree. Jean-Luc Dehaene (former Belgium prime minister) once said that politicians should not be doing whatever the people want them to, but instead they should show the people the right way. I think this equally applies to language designers. And as far as I’m concerned the Lua team has done a great job at this.