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I would like to see in Lua :

1/ As I discussed several times : Thread safe State sharing. For the moment, or you have to "send" bytecode among threads or use a lock mechanism which seem to penalize by a large amount performances. I would like to have an option at compile time enabling thread safe Lua, having out of the box transparent semaphore locking on global objects. Something efficient, easy :)

2/ yes, I'm missing compactness of C compoundeds operator like += *= :? and so on ... something suggested it seems several times on this list but seems always disdained by gurus.

Le mercredi 4 juillet 2018 à 22:31:28 UTC+2, Peter Hickman <> a écrit :

Personally I find the suggested improvements to Lua to be addressing problems that I do not seem to encounter. The perennial "how long is an array" makes me wonder what I am doing wrong to not have encountered this problem

Saying "Well it works for me" is not really a contribution so I stay silent