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On 18 February 2018 at 17:37, albertmcchan <> wrote:
And this actualy happens to me recently. I had to fix B to leave the stack alone.

IMHO it's generally better to only touch the stack in A and isolate B from Lua entirely. I tend to separate concerns like this:

Function A:
 * Validate argument types
 * Fetch argument values from the stack
 * Call function B with no lua_State access
 * Collect results from B, push whatever appropriate value(s) onto the stack
 * Return

I actually like this - unless the purpose of the function is really really simple, I always prefer to have the actual work happening in a separate function. It nicely separates the Lua glue from the actual functionality, and it's easier to test.

It might be a bit hard to follow, since we've abstracted a ton of useful Lua glue work into something called LuaSkin, but I consider this to be pretty much my ideal Lua C function: