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On 9 February 2018 at 08:08, Sean Conner <> wrote:
> It was thus said that the Great Dibyendu Majumdar once stated:
>> My knowledge is not perfect of course but I also did not explain the
>> problem fully.
>> In order for Ravi to find the libraries on Mac OSX I need to set something like:
>> export LUA_CPATH="$RAVI_HOME/lib/?.dylib;$RAVI_HOME/lib/lib?.dylib"
>> Now in my CMake build by default the library gets created as:
>> $HOME/ravi/lib/ravi/libffi.dylib
>> It appears that Lua searches for:
>> $HOME/ravi/lib/ravi/ffi.dylib as it substitutes 'ravi/ffi' in place of
>> '?'. So it cannot handle the 'lib' prefix.
>> I have amended the CMake script to omit the 'lib' prefix and now it
>> works fine, but this is not standard naming on Mac OSX I think.
>   At work we develop on Mac OS-X, and while normally I package everything
> into a single executable, I do have the ability to install individual
> modules [1] and they all have a .so extension (just like they do on Linux
> and Solaris) and Mac OS-X can load them (the Lua modules written in C) just
> fine.  I did check other, standard shared libraries on the Mac, and yes,
> they have the .dylib extension [2].  So for Lua modules I don't think it
> matters all that much what the extension is.

Sure but that was not the issue I was high lighting. Do you have a
solution for the problem I described above?

Thanks and Regards