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On 28 January 2018 at 16:40, Dibyendu Majumdar <> wrote:
> I have always wanted to (but haven't managed to yet) bundle some high
> quality libraries with Ravi in a well tested combination with support
> for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Is there a list of the best essential
> libraries for Lua? I want to bundle a small set of high quality
> libraries that I will test with Ravi, rather than a huge set of
> untested libraries of varying quality.

Thank you all for the feedback. My shortlist now consists of:

- lpeg
- luafilesystem
- luasocket
- libuv (Luvit)
- libcurl (wrapper tbc)
- lua-cjson
- torch7
- luaossl
- cephes (wrapper tbc)
- luaffifb (port of LuaJIT FFI interface)

Well this list although short is probably going to keep me busy for
several months.

One of the realizations I had this year (thanks to some posts here) is
that we need to stop tweaking Lua (let Lua 5.4 be delayed by 10
years!) and instead focus on building an eco-system and community and
tooling. So that's going to be my focus for Ravi anyway - I have
merged the generational GC from Lua 5.4 but am pretty sure I will stop

Thanks and Regards