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KHMan <> wrote:

> On 1/28/2018 8:52 AM, Coda Highland wrote:
> Perfection? No. I agree with what Peter said. When younger, I would help with this kind of cheerleading. Now, not so much. When younger, I was suitably impressed when reading about the beautiful conceptual elegance of Lisp. Now, not so much. Things change.
> I want a switch construct! I want a switch construct! I want a switch construct!
> :-) :-p

I wrote one of those[1] and it wound up being quite performant... of course
you probably mean you'd like it in vanilla Lua, but I can't help there! ;)

The only restriction with the patch is the 'jumpto' command does not jump
to labels outside the current block, however, that is something I will be
fixing and posting an update for fairly soon.