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On 2018-01-26 08:16, Russell Haley wrote:
Is it possible to open a shell in a coroutine and just interact with
it when I need it?

So in a coroutine, I would just open it and then read and write then

As Dirk wrote, `io.popen` is read XOR write.

If you're on some unix-y system & depending on what you're doing,
lpty[1] might work for you.

There may be "simpler"[2] ways to do that, but so far, for me, this was
the "simplest"[3] way to get non-blocking bidirectional communication going.

-- nobody

    (also via `luarocks install lpty`)

[2] as in "not grabbing a PTY yadda yadda"

[3] as in "least amount of thinking/code & sufficiently portable (*nix)"