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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> On 01/13/2018 06:57 PM, RAHUL KUMAR wrote:
>> Is there any repo which has only Minimum Lua available (no parser, only VM)?
> See

I created an itty-bitty tiny patch which essentially does the same
as noparser.c but via -DLUA_NO_PARSER instead of via an object file.
This patch also supports -DLUA_NO_DUMP and -DLUA_NO_UNDUMP as well.

Under Lua 5.3.4 I see a 15.5% reduction[1] in the 'lua' binary when
both -DLUA_NO_PARSER and -DLUA_NO_DUMP are specified.

I just thought I would share this mini-patch in case others found it
easier to control these modules via compiler defines as well.

I am once again working on my patch site, sadly I missed my year-end
deadline due to a pretty terrible December. We are still recovering,
however, I am once again able to devote more time to Lua hacking!


[1] From 228.2k down to 192.8k (compiled under macOS 10.11.6)

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