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Dibyendu Majumdar <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I noticed that the Lua arithmetic operators in 5.4 will not coerce
> strings to numbers ... is my understanding correct? I think this is
> good for performance as it avoids a function call for converting
> values but presumably this is a breaking change for existing code that
> may be relying on this feature?
> Is it likely that this change will remain?
> Also noticed that var args will now be put into a table - wanted to
> check if this is just an implementation detail - i.e. no user visible
> impact on either Lua or the C API?
> Finally noted the change to handling of upvalues - upvalues are o
> longer reference counted and instead managed as regular GC objects.
> Presumably this doesn't affect performance?
> Thanks and Regards
> Dibyendu

Some of these changes seem in-line with some of the ideas I had for my own
fork of Lua (vargs and upvalues specifically), so it would be interesting
to see how these changes were implemented for myself as well.

Where are you finding information about Lua 5.4? I checked the Lua website
(under the /work/ directory) and did not see anything about a 5.4 version.

I also checked GitHub but that seems to be Lua 5.3.4 still, well at least it
is according to the macros in lua.h at any rate... is the GitHub repository
actually being updated without changing the Lua version?