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Sol Salpagarov <> wrote:

> Greetings!
> is Lua manual in "our format".
> What is it?
> Markup for generation from OF to HTML?
> Is it commonly software or PUC-Rio inner product?
> Somethins else?
> Google can't help me.
> Thanks.

Not sure what the "our format" part means as I too am unable to find any
reference to that name, nor can I find any info on the .of file extension.

However, some Google searching of the @markup in the source file matches
similar markup used by GNU Texinfo. A lot of the @markup matches Texinfo,
except things like @sect1 and @sect2 which do not appear in the Texinfo
list of markup tags.

Perhaps this "our format" is a variant of Texinfo or something similar?