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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:

>> Please try disabling the '_U=true' flag for the complete tests on your end
>> and verify that the test suite also needs the tweaks I provided to fully run
>> on your system as well? Thanks!
> Yes, disabling '_U=true' requires the changes you've provided.
> Sorry for the noise. Thanks.

No problem, hopefully the patch can help our fellow OS X/macOS users run the
complete Lua Test Suite as well. It has been an indispensable test for me in
my Lua hacking efforts, so thank you for creating such a verbose test suite!

One question, when you compile Lua from the command line under your OS X do
you not have to specify the "-mmacosx-version-min" flag? If I do not specify
the flag I get the "unknown instruction" error when the test suite attempts
to run. The interpreter itself will run, so obviously there is some sort of
optimisation that fails pretty quickly as the test suite doesn't even manage
to get any output before dying.

I was just wondering if it may be a good idea for the OS X/macOS build
target to include a default value for "-mmacosx-version-min"? Perhaps just
10.5 or something, with a note to change the value for the specific version
of OS X/macOS the compiler will be targeting.