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On 20 Nov 2017 2:05 a.m., "Urs Liska" <> wrote:

Am 19.11.2017 um 14:56 schrieb Thomas Scharkowski:
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A quick question for others: I've used LilyPond a couple times on Mac,
and the compile times were /horrendous/. Are the compile times on Linux

faster than on other operating systems? (Unfortunately I can't remember
what Mac OS I used...)

I remember having tested the compile time of an identical ly on Mac OS and on Debian virtual machine on the same Mac.
The Debian was slightly faster. This seems to indicate you are right.

Very long compile times on Windows had been discussed occasionally. The issue *there* had been related to the font cache. I think in general the issue is limited to the *first* compilation of a new version while IIRC there were LilyPond versions that incorrectly built that cache for each compilation.

So (as others have already said) we need more information about your system.

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The very long compile time may have been on Mac. It happened to me occasionally. When I got my new PC a year ago, I installed Lilypond on the Windows partition because I needed to work while I was installing Debian. On the same machine and same files, Windows compiles were consistently ~80% longer than for Debian. It could be a cross-compiling thing, or maybe Windows was doing more in the background.