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Awesome! Thanks so much. Will give it a go.

On Sat, Nov 4, 2017 at 8:47 AM Martin <> wrote:
Hi guys!

I've finally backported Lua code formatter for Lua v5.1.5. So it should
work with LuaJIT too.

So currently "lcf"
  * available for two main Lua versions,
  * accepts command-line parameters,
  * keeps comments,
  * also provides parser
    (try commands "lua.get_ast" and "lua.get_formatter_ast")

I think initial development for this project is done. Further may be
tries to use it in production, to use parser for semantic analysis
or whatever.

5700 lines in 280 files. Compressed source size 27KiB.
List of required libraries - {}.

  Installation: sudo luarocks install lcf
  Usage: lua.reformat, lua.get_ast, lua.get_formatter_ast
  License: GPL v3

-- Martin