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On 11/03/2017 07:36 AM, Ulrich Schmidt wrote:
> I write semicolons EVERYWHERE i can, because it helps me reading and
> understanding the code; If i try to use a free module from the web, I
> crerate a test case and step throu the modules functions. I try to
> understand what the module does. Within this proces i reformat the
> indentation and the line breaks.

While experimenting with different formatting styles of Lua code I've
discovered that placing semicolon after every statement increases my
code perception.

The problem for me is that looks natural in reading is not natural
in writing. So I'm applying Occam's razor, not use semicolons,
distinct delimiters in tables, space paddings to make code look nice
in monospaced font and such things.

(Dreaming that maybe past another sixty years we'll develop programs to
represent code contents according our tastes.)

-- Martin