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ok fine, a weird tale about circular references on character level :D

what if we have only one entrance point for the 256 variants of a
byte, and then use that idea about choosing a matching exit for the
current entrance... so 'adamantium' (nope, i'm not a huge fanboy, it
just came up for multiple 'a's, btw i like mostly marver and dc stuffs
:D ) so it have 3 'a', and 'a' continues with a 'd' that have a
reference to our 1st 'a' but moving towards we have to know that we
dont have 'amantium' but its a continuation for the 'adamantium' ....
such! :D implementing the base concept can be relatively
simple to think and move forward, but the 'd' needs an identity for
every role, and this identity will rule its exit. the others on this
list should have greater knowledge about adding very-very much
children for a base object (the identities and the entrance+exit
pairs, but the exit can be that previous NULL or whatever end mark
like for the 'd' of 'ad'; and whatever other components that are
needed to be noted) i mean here implementations, costs, big O's (like
O(log(n)) ) and whatever... i think there can be some kinda big
potency in this one, but without starting to play with this stuff i
can't really go farer with this mindgame, but if anyone can continue
the yarn, then don't hold back! :) (in case anyone could follow my
shady bullshits :D )