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hi all! :)

2017-10-22 1:21 GMT+02:00 Charles Heywood <>:
>> Lua’s standard library includes regular expressions library
> I think it's a good idea to mention LPeg possibly becoming a part of the
> language, but Lua itself doesn't have regex - it has Lua patterns.

can you tell me more about this one?

my questions would be that where and when this came up; and what could
we achieve if it would be included in lua instead of still being a
standalone lib?

right, possibly some extra optimization, but what else?
i think it can be hard for newcomers to get it.
what about embedding in an environment with limited resources? ok, in
this case it could be most likely left out at compilation time, but
then the current regexp could go away when lpeg comes and we would
have nothing at all - possibly put the current into a lib or behind a
compilation flag for switch can solve this one.
it would even diffuse the libs/apps on a wider range of different lua
versions, and thats also kinda bad for the lua world

these are only questions that suddenly came up in my mind, because of
this is more likely unexpected than unwanted, the latter depends...
but i'm not using lpeg, so i dunno the amount of overhead or the
implementation of it and whatever... just reading your codes on the
mailing list, and trying to understand it a bit better, but i'm in
lack of more interest currently. therefore my opinion not counts that
much, just as well as i'd like to rely on others opinion, who are
nearer to this topic. i'm using primarily luajit which is still mostly
around 5.1 even with the compatibility options, and this could come as
lua6 or whatever version, so its far from my world. however my
interest (as i'm still slowly making my app in the lua world) is to
make it more widely known and used, but as here wveryone have to
depend on a bunch of libraries as not everything is included in the
language, it can be dangerous to run too fast forward, and this counts
to be a big step - even in general, and i think this caution can only
serve everyone around lua.

so if anyone have any info and pro/contra around these, then many thx for those!

thx and all the bests for everyone around this small(?) but great community! :)