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          Charles Heywood <> wrote:

> Apologies, I more meant that LPeg could be *shipped with* Lua, but as an
> external module.

>> On a slightly different tack, what I would find useful is an
>> extension of the Lua string library to ropes, i.e. trees
>> whose leaves are strings. The implementation of strings in Lua
>> makes string comparison cheap and string manipulation
>> expensive. When results are written out to file, ropes have
>> an algorithmic advantage in this respect. A project for
>> somebody younger than me: to formulate good algorithms for
>> pattern matching and catching data in ropes?

As an appendix to my off-topic remark. Has anybody done research
on the problems of pattern-matching when the strings to be
searched are in separate files, possibly on separate computers?
So a distributed rope is given by a list of url+filepaths.
Pattern information might require not only what substrings but
in which file at which url. In those circumstances, a whole lot
of downloading and flattening trees to strings would be
out of the question. It is so long since I retired
that I am no longer au fait with what people are doing but
obviously there has to have been lots of pure computer
science work on such questions. I suppose distributed
data-processing is a sub-heading of parallel programming.
Any parallel Luas being hatched anywhere?
Gavin Wraith (
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