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Summary: This project is an open source Windows installer for 32 Lua.
The install scripts are licensed under the FreeBSD license, Lua is
license under the MIT license.

Links and Installation:

Sources -

Demo Installer -

License: FreeBSD

PUC-Lua Installer v1.1 (MinGW Build)

This project creates a Windows installer for 32 bit versions of Lua
from binaries created using minGW. Currently the binaries are supplied
from LuaBuilds by joedf (  The
project includes the mingw file required to run. Other libraries will
have to find their own linking solution for now.

*Note: I do not have a 32 bit machine to test it on until Monday.

The scripts use PowerShell to generate new wxs files that are then
used to produce the installer. This system *should* work for both past
and future versions of Lua but requires a Windows version that
supports PowerShell to build.

I do plan on creating some get/extract scripts to retrieve sources and
binaries. However, I do not plan much maintenance on this project. I
am still looking at creating a full Visual Studio build and
installation project.

I also have no plans on placing the MSI installer anywhere else. Feel
free to distribute it. Joedf?