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On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 9:40 AM, Paul K <> wrote:
> Hi Russell,
>> I have to say for a beginner, ZeroBrane is an excellent option as it
>> simply downloads and works. It also has lots of tutorials and examples
>> that run right through the UI. Nice job Paul! I wonder out loud if
>> there is a way to run Lua outside the IDE or deploy solutions.
> Thank you for the feedback! I've tried to package the interpreter and
> the libraries in a way that allows the projects to be run outside of
> the IDE as well (and the exact command to use for each script is shown
> when the script is executed or debugged). I initially stayed away from
> bundling Lua modules (to keep the package lean and the maintenance
> simple), but seeing the number of requests for binaries for popular
> modules (primarily on Windows), I started to include lfs and luasec in
> addition to luasocket and lpeg for various Lua versions.
> I use mingw to compile all modules on Windows and haven't had issues
> with dependencies (although I did you depends.exe to figure out mingw
> dependencies and how to include them); I've included those makefiles I
> use in the repository.
> Paul.

My memory is a little faded now (too many other things in the old
spounge) but I recall that the ZeroBrane "installer" (air quotes to
differentiate from a true MSI) didn't add anything to the Programs and
Files (i.e. MSI database) on my system. Can you confirm that it does
not use the Windows installation database?

Also - and this question is just my musings as it is way outside my
current scope - I had wondered about distributing ZB Studio. I noticed
your website has a donation request prior to download. What is your
position on someone packaging ZB in another installer? To answer my
own quandary I think I would offer a link to the ZB website instead.