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Hi Russell,

> I have to say for a beginner, ZeroBrane is an excellent option as it
> simply downloads and works. It also has lots of tutorials and examples
> that run right through the UI. Nice job Paul! I wonder out loud if
> there is a way to run Lua outside the IDE or deploy solutions.

Thank you for the feedback! I've tried to package the interpreter and
the libraries in a way that allows the projects to be run outside of
the IDE as well (and the exact command to use for each script is shown
when the script is executed or debugged). I initially stayed away from
bundling Lua modules (to keep the package lean and the maintenance
simple), but seeing the number of requests for binaries for popular
modules (primarily on Windows), I started to include lfs and luasec in
addition to luasocket and lpeg for various Lua versions.

I use mingw to compile all modules on Windows and haven't had issues
with dependencies (although I did you depends.exe to figure out mingw
dependencies and how to include them); I've included those makefiles I
use in the repository.