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Summary: I have put together a proof of concept MSI installer for PUC-Lua here:

Links and Installation:

Sources -

Demo Installer  -

License: FreeBSD


So a friend of mine asked for some help getting started in Lua on
Windows and it was disappointing how disjointed the process feels. So,
because I'm a nerd, I grabbed Mr. joedf's binary git repository and
used the files from there to generate solution files for a Windows
installer. It's all very hard coded and wrong and I have no pretence
about keeping the name, but I had to call it something. It even says
it installs 5.3.3 and installs 5.3.4!

Please note that no small animals were harmed and no "paid for"
Microsoft products were used in the making of this project. The system
uses a free MSI toolset called WIX and I created the project using
SharpDevelop 5.

If there is any interest in me perusing this project further, my next
steps are as follows:

0.5) Work out what it will be called
1) Bundle LuaRocks in the current proof of concept
2) Create some scripts to go wget the binaries/archives/zips and
assemble the paths (and what not) and run the build script.
3) Add a "install features" element that will then use Luarocks to
install some base features. The idea is a "curated" list of basic
tools for a novice, who could then delve into the fabulous world of
LuaRocks afterwards.
4) Figure out how or where to host the "build system" and the download
site (GitHub? Sorceforge? Hey, it's still a thing!). OR hand the whole
thing off to someone with more desire to maintain this (Mr. Joedf ?)
as it's nothing but a curiosity gone horribly wrong.

Still outstanding is what documentation to link to as well.

Either way, comments, suggestions, insults, sticks and/or stones are welcome.


Russell Haley