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FusionScript version 0.3.0 has been released! FusionScript is a Lua, C, and
Python inspired language that (for now) runs by transpiling to Lua - much like

Unfortunately I lost the tag for the version 0.2.2 release. However, the
rockspec should still be available, not that much had changed.

Changes since v0.2.1:

* Change lambda syntax
 - Works: \x-> y()
 - Works: \x-> { if x() return y(); }
 - Doesn't: \x-> if x() return y();
* Change parsers/ to compilers/ and lexer.lua to parser.lua
* LICENSE: Update year and add nonendorsement clause
* Ensure modules are loaded from package.loaded before reloading
* Fix to be luacheck 0.19 compatible
* Add support for creating local variables without assignment
 - local (a, b);
* Fix local interfaces
* Fix fusionc --metadata to show error message if needed

Constructive feedback would be much appreciated.

Ryan <>
Software Developer / System Administrator