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On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 11:28 PM, steve donovan
<> wrote:

> That was a project with Alexander Gladysh.  It is time to combine
> materials, and build lists of resources - and glossaries!

I've got a fairly compact collection of Lua resource links largely
aimed at a beginner audience in the NoteCase Pro Help file. I updated
it with a couple of the links from this thread, then discovered some
file corruption that resulted in meandering links. I've exported it to
HTML and parked it in the meantime at
<>. But I
have some more link repair to do in that collection. I'll try to
finish that in the next few hours betwixt trying to figure out whether
a script problem is with my code or with NoteCase Pro's API.  I'm
betting that it's my code. :-)


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